Bettersupes: Little Girls are Better at Designing Superheroes Than You

Today’s just been a day for geekery — but hey sometimes you need that! Thanks to Felicia Day over on Twitter I just got word of a new Tumblr project that, alongside blogs such as the Hawkeye Initiative, are much needed for the comic community. bettersupes is a project manned by one Alex Law, who is slowly but surely, demonstrating how creative female costumes don’t require impractical tit-windows or other costume choices that are just incredibly silly and completely unnecessary. One would think that children would not have the eye for creativity that professional comic artists reportedly possess, but Law is here to prove you wrong: 

Kids are more impressionable than you, but kids can also be less restricted by cultural gender norms than you. Kids are more creative than you, and they’re better at making superheroes than you.

Don’t believe me? Take a gander at some of Alex Law’s art and its inspirational starting point:

bettersupes1 bettersupes2

And now compare these lovely ladies to their more usual counterparts:

huntresscompare powergirlcomapre

While we can have a nice debate about comic aesthetics (I can hear it already: omg stop freaking out over objectified women men are objectified too jeeez) another day, I feel that it’s poignant to note how sometimes simplicity is best. You can still have a pretty feminine, attractive super hero without the tit window, and even full leotards can be pretty attractive! (Again we’ll save a debate about comic aesthetics for another day haha)

But definitely keep an eye out on bettersupes, and if you happen to like Alex Law’s work — there’s also a nifty art-tumblr blog you can follow too!


2 thoughts on “Bettersupes: Little Girls are Better at Designing Superheroes Than You

    • Hello! If those are your daughters/you helped with the redesign then I’m very much impressed!
      Especially as a female comic fan, it’s nice to know that the younger generations are still digging comics — and that there’s voices objecting against objectification :3

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