In which I mourn for space vikings: Thor: The Dark World Ramble

Well Chris Hemsworth certainly looks schnazzy

Well Chris Hemsworth certainly looks schnazzy

It hasn’t even been 24 hours and now we’re here with a quick bit of geekery to brighten up your day/noon/evening! Recently the first trailer for Thor: The Dark World premiered in the UK (I assume following the release of Iron Man 3), much to the uh mixed reactions of fans world-wide. I personally feel a bit luke-warm over the whole thing, but the real question I’m dying to ask is: what happened to all the space vikings? (More geekery and issues about “hair” and “honor” after the cut)

 It’s no surprise that the aesthetic for Dark World is drastically different from its campy, nearly light-hearted predecessor; I mean we’ve got “Dark World” rolling around in the title, and everyone sure loves a gritty reboot. The glimpses we get of Asgard are far from the gilt and golden, the opulent fantasy-sci-fi mix that made the first glimpse into the golden realm kitschy and yet breathtaking. Not that the grit and blue filter is bad persay, but I do mourn the space-viking look — it seems that director Alan Taylor was going for something more organic and thus what few glimpses we get of Asgard are toned down, muted.

Director vision or plot point? Haha well we’ll have to see.

Meet Malekith the Accursed

Meet Malekith the Accursed…

The sci-fi is not completely gone, though, I do love what they did with Malekith the accursed and his redesign from pi-bald fantasy elf to Alien-like being attached to a wall-hanging. It’s just brilliant. And I suppose Whovians will appreciate Christopher Eccleston’s role as a space-invader wrecking some havoc in London (It looks like).


…And here’s his Eccleston counterpart

Honestly, there’s not much more I can say for now, but as I did love the camp and over-dramatics of the first Thor movie, I do sincerely hope we get at least a taste of that in this upcoming Dark World.

Also, Loki fans, I’m sorry not sorry but we’ve got some dishonored folks here:


And you can tell by their matching hair!



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