But I’m a Nice Guy

Tired of Nice Guy-ism? You know what I mean, that kind of guy who uses friendship as an overture towards a romantic/sexual relationship and whines when it doesn’t work out.
Yeah if you’re tired of that kind of rhetoric, here’s a neat-o animation by Scott Benson that in less than 40 seconds pokes holes into every Nice Guy argument out there.

EDIT: It seems that Scott Benson switched the video to private, which I respect, but the message that he wanted to convey remains the same underneath the cut!

JK It’s back! :)

Now while I think this video can speak for itself, I’d like to point out how powerful it is through its technique and composition. Benson is rather adept at his portrayal of the self-denial and double-standards of the typical Nice Guy, while also offering up a rather interesting point: that the fear of women leads to the demonization of women.

In the rather poignant words of Benson this video is:

A quick editorial cartoon about the intersection of self-pity, entitlement, rape, territoriality, misogyny and fear of women. . .

I’ve noticed that beyond the standard patriarchal chauvinism there is this deep fear of women – what they will do to me, how they will reject me, how they will use me, how they are changing society in a way that does not favor me, how they are making men into something I don’t like, how they are making themselves into something I don’t like, that they won’t give me what I want, and that they won’t give me what I think is rightfully mine. This goes beyond fear of feminism- this is fear of women at its purest.

And that, to quote a puppet, leads to anger and hate. It’s sad.  

At the moment I have nothing more to weigh in on this issue; I think Benson articulates rather beautifully the failings of Nice Guy-ism and… well. Just give the video a look yourself, it’s worth a watch and a moment to contemplate.


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