Changing Seasons (A mini on-campus project for emotional health)


As you all must know by now I am a soon-to-be-graduating student of New York University, NYU, Now You’re Unemployed, etc. etc.  Our campus is the sprawling city of New York (And anywhere else Mr. Sexton decides to colonize — we’re all still gunning for NYU: Moon Base) and as such it seems fitting that our campus “quad” is none other than Washington Square Park. Once a strange sort of square for carriages, horses, and people to walk through, it’s become a sprawling park with its iconic arch and the fountain that was moved a few centimeters to the side for optimal picture taking when the tour buses rush past.

Honestly, it’s a nice enough place–the perfect spot for some quiet contemplating, or to catch plenty of vitamin D, or to even do some people watching/gesture drawing — there’s a lot of folks of different shapes, sizes, and fashion rushing about to keep an artist happy. Plus there’s Shakespeare in the Park on most weekends, and if you’re lucky you might even spy the pair of NYU hawks as they divebomb pigeons and squirrels.

It’s also a rather nice spot to watch the seasons fly by:





threeseasons5 threeseasons8 threeseasons3 threeseasons4 threeseasons2 threeseasons6 threeseasons1





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