Take a walk with friends

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 1

Hey! So if you don’t remember, this blog is meant to be a sort-of advice-editorial-space for post-grads ready to step into the uncertain job market, so of course, there has to be some sort of advice-type-or-suggestion-type-or-other-unnecessarily-hyphened-type of blog posts right? (No it’s okay, I do love the geekery too)

So here is one of many pearls of wisdom (Or maybe a “no duh”) that you, dear readers, should consider. Especially if you’re a senior undergraduate and you only have two more weeks left to enjoy yourself and your time with your underclassmen friends who you must leave behind. (I know, it’s quite sad)

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 2

Therefore, especially during this lovely spring weather we’re enjoying on the east coast, I suggest that you and your choice of friends go out for a walk.  Not only is it relaxing, and rather healthy, but walking and talking gets ideas bouncing, and makes for the perfect photo ops. Basically, walking can lead to memory making, and right now with the “future” becoming the “present” and the end of my undergraduate career careening towards me, I’d like to make as memories as I can.

No seriously – a walk is a good thing, especially a walk through some nice background scenery such as the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It’s even better if you can hit it up during the Sakura Matsuri — which has become the “annual tradition” for my group of friends.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 4

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is very convenient to reach–especially for New York residents or tourists willing to try out the subway.  Just take the Q line all the way down to Prospect Park, head out of the station and either walk straight through the park to get to the Gardens (The long route), or make a right turn and follow the street towards a Wendy’s and to the “back entrance” of the Garden that you’ll see on your left. Unfortunately there’s admission into the garden: Adults are $10 bucks a pop, but students and seniors with a valid ID get in for $5, and children under 11 are $free.

Overall, it’s a great place for a moment to relax and enjoy what little warmth we’ve been treated to as of late. And it is the perfect photo opportunity with locals and visitors alike crowding around some of the Garden’s amazing flora to fawn over. But don’t worry too much about crowds; it can get hectic along the main paths but there’s always ways to get away from other people and enjoy a quiet stroll through the flower beds.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 3

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 5

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 6

Again – there are many benefits to walking, and there are many ways you can walk — with a set destination in mind, around a determined route in a park or garden, or you can even make up your own walking trip. Or you can walk together to the nearest deli or grocery and come back to hang around and play Brawl — just get up and go and spend time with your friends!

Not because you’ll never see them again, but because nice memories are always a plus — and being outside makes it all the better ;) (Seriously, finals week is coming, enjoy that sun and get some vitamin D)

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 7


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