Wait how many weeks till graduation?


So I took these shots yesterday in-between classes while musing on the fact that we have, oh I don’t know… About three more weeks of school (Plus finals) and then graduation. 

Man where has the time gone?


Like many of my compatriots I am eager to leave, in a way, but also dreading the job market that awaits afterwards. I’ve already planned to take one of those year-off things to gain more experience in my intended field before I commit to either a master’s program. I can already see my parents looking on in a mix of disapproval and worry, their wayward second-born kind of flitting along through life without much of a plan.

It’s security that my parents crave, I know, but I’m not sure myself how to approach them and their concerns. Sometimes I just want to say: Mom, Dad, let me figure this out, it’s not exactly failing if you take a year off; just please let me figure this out.

Then again, their vision for my future never matched up with what I wanted to do, and where I know my skill-set lies. And sadly it’s not in medicine, although I think I gave it my best shot in undergrad.

But onto less upsetting (And frustrating) topics: there’s three more weeks until graduation!

With the semester wrapping up and all sorts of projects, final papers, and one exam I have to prepare for — as well as three weeks of highly anticipated films coming stateside — it won’t be so bad waiting for the end of the 2013 school year.


In other news — how do/did you guys (Yes, I’m asking you, readers) feel about your graduation? I can’t be the only one torn between excitement and dread, haha.


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