Il Più Grande Spettacolo Dopo Il Big Bang

As an anthropologist it was absolutely necessary that I studied a language. I went for two — very different and particularly unhelpful. Or well – I still remember basic Japanese, and I can read signs and labels. It certainly helps for kendo, that’s for sure (JK it doesn’t, although I did have a small conversation with a sensei from Osaka University)

The other language I chased after during my undergraduate career? Italian. Of course, I formally learned Italian after I spent time on an Italian archaeological dig site — smart move that was.

But I do love Italian, there’s a staccato sound about it that I love very much. ;) Although I haven’t had much practice in the last year, I still listen to Italian songs once in awhile, and my iPod decided to share with me one of the favorites from the NYU Italian department.

And I figured since we’re in a feel-good-mood, it’d fit in right on the blog. :)


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