In the wake of that discussion about internships…

… I have successfully secured my own internship over the summer :)

I’m working with a lovely group of people who run a travel magazine and are willing to work around my family’s planned vacation to Hawaii so that is always a plus. It’s a big relief to know that I have something secure at least and that I will still enjoy time in New York, which has pretty much become “home” for the last four years.

I am very honored, and very excited to start up this internship — it’s definitely aligned with my interests and my skills, and I hope to learn more about digital publishing through this experience. (And networking! Hopefully more networking! >A<)

It’s also a lovely day to find out that an internship opportunity worked out, and if you don’t mind this little bit of personal blogging, here’s a snapshot from today’s mid-afternoon snack:

awyisslefoodsThis here is from the Van Leeuwen ice-cream truck and while it may look like a normal cup of vanilla with a celebratory dollop of whipped cream, this is actually a lusciously smooth serving of black sesame ice cream. Unfortunately it wasn’t listed on the site (When I checked, which was two seconds ago), but I did snag this beauty at the Van Leeuwen parked on University place (In between East 12th and 11th, usually). Van Leeuwen is certainly a bit pricier than the usual favorite, Mr. Softee, but when you’re in the mood for a bit of indulgence on the go they hit the spot.

(Of course, there’s like, several amazing ice cream places to nosh at but that’s a debate for another day)

Either way

I’m just

Super giddy, and happy, and again–honored–that I got this position. Notably it seems I have two of my professors to thank who gave rave reviews about me and I just have to thank them — which is a topic for another day. (Thanking your professors, especially those who are near and dear to you as mentors and as friends)

:) Anyroad, today is the last kendo practice of the season (*Sob*) and also the premiere of Iron Man 3 — so we have a bit of a busy evening ahead!

Toodles, for now~


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