It’s the final countdown

It's the final countdown

So I’ve been beyond busy this weekend for several reasons. One, I went to the Iron Man 3 midnight premiere after that senior-send-off kendo practice and was terribly exhausted. So I relaxed the whole day. Then, on Saturday, I had one final kendo tournament and that took the entire day so by the time I got home, made dinner to eat and chat with my parents, I ended up passing out. Then yesterday I actually got to work and made some head-way on one final paper; I still have one more to go.

Don’t you hate when two final papers are due the same day? I am also cursing my own hubris for thinking I could complete them all during a kendo tournament weekend, haha.

Either way – one this is for sure: Finals are coming. It begins with an onslaught of final papers that are not-so-coincidentally due at the same time… And then all hell breaks loose.

Stay tuned for some procrastination tips *Cough*, and other ways to be prepared for finals! After four years of this I should, honestly, know better but alas, alas…


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