Ever want to know what it’s like inside the men?

(Okay so the title might seem weird but it’s very pertinent to kendo.)

Hey all it’s been nearly a week without a post about kendo — unheard of! So here is our weekly run about all things kendo, this time I have naught but two fun videos to show you that was shared today on the World Kendo Network. (PS. You should probably join for more cool videos and links to things ;) )

Anyroad, these are two first person POV videos shot by one of the WKN members during two practices using a GoPro cam. I wonder where he put it to allow for men strikes and so that the men grill doesn’t show?

Either way these are pretty cool videos so that people can get a glance at what it’s like “inside” so to speak. Also ugh, I just love the sounds and the power coming from everyone’s fumikomi. * A * Makes me miss practice so much aadsoads (Just two more weeks before daily practice at the homo dojo!)

He also has a video of where he spars with a kendoka in nito-ryu, which is also pretty cool to watch! Always remember to shift your kamae!


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