In Honor of Mother’s Day

Hello all and to all the moms, aunts, grandmas, mom-like-figures, god mothers, fairy god mothers, etc. I wish you all the best and a very happy Mother’s Day

=) We’re celebrating my hard-working mother with a lunch at the Chart House today (A write-up may appear later if I’m not harried by my final essay due tomorrow, eeek). Now there’s a lot I can say about my mom, who is one of my inspirations, who is in–her own way–a Matilda but who dragged herself up by her own two feet and now has a successful career, fame within the medical field, a loving camera-fiddly husband, a huffy tuxedo cat, and two kids who adore her.

She’s also an artist, a guitarist, a gardener with a bit of a brown thumb but dedication to her craft, an avid historical drama fan, and a bookworm — a trait that she lovingly passed onto her bookish daughter. She’s also into terrible puns, doodling, (She’s known to ruin adorable pictures of animals I draw with a bigger monster trying to eat them), and she’s a bit of a self-admitted geek who has been pestering me about finding her a Thor comic she would enjoy. (Which is a really, really hard task for me haha)


And, because my mom is very much proud of her garden, we’re going to showcase what good comes out of procrastination and abuse of the macro tool ;3

PS. We also have a very heart-warming and spectacular article to read on Moms, daughters, and our love for them written up by the lovely miagetasora which you can find here!


2 thoughts on “In Honor of Mother’s Day

  1. Awwww this is super cute and now it makes me want to call my mom, who’s also super awesome! Hope you and your mother have a wonderful day today!! ^_^

    • <3 If you ever get the time you definitely should go ahead and give your mom a call!
      Same to you and your loved ones, enjoy the day it's GORGEOUS outside on the east coast :)

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