Budo Diaries: GSK Tournament 2013

Well guys it’s been awhile since the last Budo Diaries entry. Yikes. Also for those of you who just now noticed, Budo Diaries has its own category now so you can all wander on over there to find them all neat and collected and such.

You know you're at a kendo tournament when there's a large pile of shoes at the door

You know you’re at a kendo tournament when there’s a large pile of shoes at the door

Anyroad. Two weeks ago on May 4th a few members of the NYU kendo club and I went to the Garden State Kendo Tournament held in Palisades Park, NJ. Unfortunately after two weeks and several essays the details are a little bit fuzzy but I’ll do my best to add a short summary of what was, no question, a rather good day for NYU kendo.

And I’m quite glad that this was my last showing with the team (For now, at least).

It was a nice day for kendo,  warm but with a cool breeze that wafted in every once in awhile via the open gym doors. After four years of kendo tournaments I have to say that I’ve gotten so used to fumikomi on basketball floors — I once worried that they would be slippery or hard and would hurt your bare feet but honestly… It’s not too much of a problem.

Not anymore that my feet are callused over haha

Anyroad, GSK was a real treat because this was my first tournament that wasn’t devoted to college students. I got to see san-dans and up compete and that was a humbling experience; the women’s dan division was also incredibly inspiring to watch.


I didn’t do so badly myself, made it to quarter finals in the women’s kyu-division =) It felt good, and I was feeling good today but alas, my center must have been too open for my third match opponent got two men on me rather quickly. Sigh. That wasn’t how I expected to go down at all.

On the other hand, my kohai was phenomenal that day — she literally tore through the women’s kyu and came out in first place. Damn did that girl deserve it; she puts in extra hours for kendo and has seriously, in the three years I’ve known her, turned her life around to devote her time and talent to practice. This kid is definitely going places and yes, it’s always good to watch your home team win! =) Bring back more medals for NYU okay, girlfriend? (That is, if you ever get the chance to read this hehe)

The boys did well too that day — although I have to give major props to our sensei, who competed under NYU and placed third in the san-dan and up division. It was also great to see his kendo; after suffering from an injury and taking it easy for about two years it was inspiring to see him give it his all again and place third. Someday I hope to have the same sort of confidence and reaction time as my sensei — it really was a treat to watch him during his matches.


* w *;; Unfortunately there is no what I did well and what I could have done better this time around because heheheh I can’t remember the particulars of my matches.

This has been an incredibly short but picture-filled edition of my Budo Diaries; next time we’ll be reflecting on my first home dojo practice since last summer!



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