An undegrad story told in musicals

Just some fun procrastinating for studying/writing a few of my final exams, eheheh. I just picked up my graduation attire, my golden tassel, and my commencement tickets this morning.

This is it guys — the show is almost over.

But before we get all schmoopy over it, why not recap what the last four years have been like? Certainly a post about that will come, probably at some point when I’m flipping through my photo albums and would like to reflect on what I’ve done… But right now? Let’s have a little fun.

So here is a summary of my last four years at New York University, summed up in a variety of musical numbers that should, I hope, highlight the highs and lows of my college career — and it will be a fun experience I swear, haha.

So let’s start with the end of 2009 and when I was ready to leave high school behind and step into the “real world” (Ha!) that college seemed to be…

Beginning of freshman year, post high-school graduation: When I Grow Up from Matilda: The Musical

Seriously, this is quite close to how I felt as a wee freshman, in a way, looking at college as the pathway to growing up and a straight shot into a future career. (Ha I learned quickly that would not be the case)

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY freshman year marked the beginning of my kendo experience and adventures… and well, we do need to have a “training” montage of some sort, didn’t you know that? And the best training montage music has to be I’ll Make a Man Out of You from Disney’s Mulan

This also marked an important change in my life when I decided to forgo my parents’ expected vision of me pursuing pre-med and tossing all caution to the wind I made the decision to pursue English and anthropology. It was a glorious moment of strutting out on my own; and it might sound silly but it was a pretty big conflict for me, but knowing that I had my parents support in the end made the change oh so worth it.

I can remember the conversation, in a bit, and the way I broke down over it.

“Mom, I don’t think medicine is for me…”

“Then go where you feel you need to be and we’ll be there to support you.”

So the next day I ran to my advisor and got switched out of my science classes and took up an anthropology introduction class… And it certainly made me much happier for it, in the end.

Freshman year was also the year that I established my “friend group” — some of the best friends and brightest individuals I’ve met over the years. And I’d like to pretend that our days of karaoke, bubble tea outings, and movie screenings were as cool as Across the Universe’s With a Little Help From My Friends montage

End of freshman year, I ended on a very high note with a 4.0 GPA — so with a close batch of friends, living out my kendo dream, and a great ending to my first year of college, I felt  feeling pretty slick about my future and my accomplishments. That cockiness would bite me later but after freshman year I felt like I ran the city haha.  So what better way to uh, sort of convey that feeling of “accomplishment” than with this little fun-loving diddy from The Lord of the Rings Musical: The Cat and the Moon

I literally felt over the moon and that nothing could stop me now — and then sophomore year would prove to be the kind of kick back into reality I would need to get back into proper studying mode.

Sophomore year was a fun year–at least socially it was fun… It felt like… Well, if anything it was like this moment in a way haha – it also marked one of the best years miagatasora and I hung around and “owned” NYC ;) So it was a moment of just Hakuna Matata-ing it up

And while I felt like there wasn’t much to worry about… It was unfortunately also was a year where I got my arse kicked in terms of grades and “smart professor choosing decisions”. Ouch. I didn’t feel too proud of myself by the end of it, that’s for sure. I ended pretty much feeling like this; school wasn’t exciting and new, it was all just some kind of drudgery that I had to grit my teeth and get through. So here’s Les Mis’ At the End of the Day:

Thankfully there was something to look forward to after my not-so-stellar sophomore year. Ahhh this trip to San Gemini was the highlight of my sophomore year and helped me gain a bit more confidence as I got to chat/make friends with some girls who were recent graduates.  This  archaeology experience in Italy was so worth it, and I am going to have to mark it with Trail We Blaze from The Road to El Dorado; it really was a much needed adventure for me =) Also I was the first of my family to attempt archaeology so…

Junior year… Well, let’s just say that junior year was a lot of hard work. I refused to slack off this year, and it certainly helped me out, in the long run. I felt accomplished at the end of all that, and while nothing terribly dramatic or life-changing happened to me during junior year (How boring!) I think I came out of it okay. I definitely pulled myself up and started to feel better about myself, although I also kept pushing away thoughts of the future and lived in the “present”, so to speak.

So I think right now would be a nice point to break at for a “musical overture” of some sort, so here’s Once’s The North Strand to kind of simulate “hard work”

Because I didn’t start thinking or stressing about my future just yet – I can say I ended my junior year looking ahead to senior year as if it was just “one more day” in my life, instead of well, a whole year before being dumped off into the “real world”.

So we’re going to have to go with One Day More, from Les Mis.

Beginning of senior year was a bit of a riot; I think this was the most comfortable and most excited I felt after three years of going through the runner that is NYU. Some of the magic still remained and I think I was too terribly happy to be here and get out of the house (And the demands to know what I’m doing with my life). So what better way to characterize the return to that “magical” place where I could in a way be myself and be free from the what-will-you-do-with-your-life game? A Very Potter Musical’s Going Back to Hogwarts.

Unfortunately during the middle of senior year I had a mid-college life crisis. The kind of mid-college life crisis that a lot of people have, it seems. But I just couldn’t help but feel that I well, messed up everything in my life. And for the whole of my winter-break I fluctuated between plans for what to do with my life and basically spent it feeling like poor Nina in her song from In the Heights: Breathe

Stressing about the future has been one of my things in the last year or so, but thanks to a couple of pep-talks with professors, friends, and family, I’ve come to terms with what I can do in the future, a little bit more at least. So now, although it’s not the best scenario where I know everything, at least I’m at the point where I feel like I can take on anything again. So for this new confident feeling? Cliche, but Defying Gravity from Wicked seems about right. Maybe terribly dramatic for my situation, but right.

Also because I think this thing has been overdone, we’re using a storyboard by animator Heidi Gilbert for funsies.


Life isn’t just stressing over the future, I’ve made some very important friends this year, and they deserve a few songs about being cool people and having fun with life =)

We begin this section with a cliche, because seriously, we need to and because I do love my friends dearly.

Seasons of Love from Rent 

And then we have to have All for One from Spamalot, because we are a bit of an oddball bunch:

^ This is also particularly dedicated to my ladies from House OSA. As is this song from the Monty Python classic:

Drink With Me from Les Mis – for those sad moments, because we’ve had them too:

And to end this part…

Now and for Always from the Lord of the Rings Musical — because this is how I feel about all my friends, those who I carry always in my heart, and those who I’ve met and who I hope stay close in the years to come:

And because we always need a reprise — and because this musical is resonating with me the most right now — we’re going to end our undergrad musical with the reprisal of When I Grow Up.

Because I think I’ve reached that point where I can answer a few of those questions — because now I’m a little bit closer to all grown up ;)


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