The Quest (And its potential social consequences)

The Quest (And its potential social consequences)

Of course, while I believe that Princess Mononoke is an excellent example of a quest story where the hero gets MORE than the girl at the end of his struggles — it’s important to note that not all media is good at expressing that balance

This week’s Food for Thought for the niche blog I also blog for, Moar Powah, is all about the quest. It’s a story form that we are definitely familiar with, but can the quest potentially lead to some terrible expectations? Essentially, does seeing the hero go on a quest and get his rewards–which among many things might even include a girl–lead many of our youth to expect something for their struggles?

Because let’s face it, it doesn’t always work out so nicely in real life so while quests teach us about the journey, are we too caught up in the potential reward?

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