Workin’ girl: An illustrated reflection on a summer internship

Heheh, since I’m usually frazzled by the time I come home because of my long commute, I decided to unwind by illustrating what I do at my internship — or well, some of it. I hope to do a full series of it someday, so please enjoy so far!

For the basic gist of things, I work as an assistant editor for a travel blog. So that means… a lot of writing, haha! Thank goodness writing is something that I do love, just as much as I love drawing; hopefully the following images speak for themselves and what it’s like interning in NYC.

Illustrated internship life with cute, hip little dogs

Start the day with a crowded subway ride

Grab a coffee somewhere nice

Settle down for a 9-5 day dedicated to writing, research, site administration, and other duties

Editing is a big part of the day

Annnd that’s it — for this installation at least =) Drawing this was very cathartic and when I’m less frazzled I’ll definitely have something more uh meaningful, but for now, enjoy my attempt at sharing my life through illustration!


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