Project KiKenTai


This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the Pixar Masterclass that was hosted in NYC (More to come on this later, I am still, in many ways, overwhelmed by emotion for it and just… I need time to think on it and reflect a bit!)

And the class was fabulous, the mentors inspiring, and I emerged from the class with a new sense of inspiration for art. I can name my two main passions, what I wouldn’t be able to live without, what I need in my life and that is writing/reading and art. (Okay so maybe I cheated with the writing and reading part) And the masterclass served to remind me that hey, you can live your passion and do what you love with your life.

While I can only sigh wistfully and daydream about what it would have been like to be hired as an animator at nineteen… I also  have to keep in my mind that hey, I’m only twenty-two. My life isn’t over just yet.

So while I’m young and the world is still, in many ways, new I’ve decided to do a Thing. Something of a big Thing. Like, try to update my art portfolio over the summer kind of big.

Which is why I’ve started this project: Ki Ken Tai. It’s going to be a storyboard project, with a drawn up script and thumbnails, and then an actual board that is supposed to simulate the storyboard process so that I have a tangible way to demonstrate my writing skills in a very visual way. And, if I have the energy afterwards, I hope to make it a webcomic but well, we’ll see.

Project KKT has grown out of an idea to enter a Shonen Jump amateur comic contest, but has more or less disqualified itself based on the content and the scope of the story that I have so far. It’s a far cry from its original idea of being a fifteen-page comic about two rival kendoka into well… a bit of a Bildungsroman that follows the unlikely friendship of two very different young women.

I can blab about it later, but right now I am very much in the mood to create. I’d also like to take a moment to apologize for the uh, lack of updates as of late, but don’t worry — we’ll be updating daily shortly! Or er, very soon. I thank you all for being patient with me, and for the sudden surge in art posts!

Until then, enjoy some promotional work for Project KiKenTai that I’m slowly compiling into this giant folder of drawings and inspiration to help flesh out the story and the characters for this personal project:


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