Guest Writers Wanted for June 22-July 6th!

Yes this is a reused picture think of it as INSPIRATION

Yes this is a reused picture think of it as INSPIRATION

O w O;; Hey guys here’s an important announcement from the Wandering Girl…

Here’s the long and the short of it:

So I’m leaving for a family reunion in Hawaii and I would really, really love and appreciate an army of guest bloggers for the next two weeks.

While I hope to blog and especially post photographs and ramblings about “The Asian American experience” during my trip, I daresay that distractions and general OhmyGodI’minHawaii feels will cut into legitimate blogging time.

So I would like to use the next two weeks to feature as many guest bloggers as possible.

There are no length limits or restrictions, these posts can be happy, sad, ranty, whatever– but I do ask that you talk about either life as an undergraduate or even experiences/tips/advice about job-hunting and interning.

Another great topic I wouldn’t mind receiving submissions for: the merits/disadvantages of studying abroad and if it was beneficial (or not) for your undergraduate career.

The only other thing you need for your entry is a picture, but if you can’t provide one, that’s okay, I’ll draw one for you. =)

I know I’m asking rather late in the game for articles but well, well…

Sometimes pressure helps!

I also love linking back so think of this as an opportunity to get your name out there! On more blogs, that are followed by my friends and family and some lovely people on the Internet as well! Hahaha

So again here’s what you need to submit a guest post:

  • A post that talks about undergrad or post grad life in some capacity; I will also accept poems *HinthintEfren*
  • A picture
  • A way to link back to your personal blog/website/portfolio/or email

QwQ;; Okay so, that’s that — please send submissions either via Facebook or via my email at:

Thank you, and I hope to receive your submissions and post them on site! <3

— Much love,

The Wandering Girl


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