Project Ki Ken Tai: Building Character

So now that we’ve got our basic shapes down… How do we build up an interesting character? Part of it is their design, part of it is their story; I am doing my best to make the most of my time here in Hawaii to write for myself… If I can even get the basics down and write maybe a few script samples here and there? Then I’ll have enough material to storyboard properly!

But I can’t help but also take the time to fall in love with the characters themselves…

There’s a lot I would love to say about these girls — and I hope before I have my thoughts properly summarized and condensed into a more easily digestible form that their designs can at least give a hint at who they are and how they function. I can drop a few names at least =)

Morgan our main heroine; we’re here to follow her ambitions and hopes for the future, especially her passion for kendo

Makoto — she and Morgan are interesting foils of each other; she’s also key to Morgan’s storyline and her main rival (ooh)


Ugh Lyra, I have so many things to say about this girl — let’s just say she’s Morgan’s best friend with a severe Napoleon complex and wants to overturn their school hierarchy by running for student council president (It’s a neat subplot)

Really quickly scribbled line-up — as you can see Morgan and Lyra are a little more creative with their uniform requirements; Makoto wears hers properly


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