To flash or not to flash

I bet you were all hoping for some pictures from Hawaii or a guest blog post… Sorry but nope!

I’m actually here to ask for some advice on photography. Throughout this trip around Hawaii my father and I have often clashed when it came to taking family photos — it’s never about posing, composition, or even petulance (More on that in another post) but it’s always been about using the camera flash.

I’m no expert by any means — I’m an artist at heart who happens to know how to make okay-ish compositions that look pretty cool. But I always balk at the use of flash, whereas my father stubbornly insists on it; he’s taken classes to “back him up” so to speak but still.

I don’t like using it often — but I am curious: why bother to use it? Especially when the lighting is perfect, I can still hear the accented, slightly offended chorus of: Anak, where’s the flash?!

So, readers, since many of you seem to be following me for my photography (Haha) why bother with the flash?


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