Internship/Volunteer Opportunity: OneReasonRecordings lookin’ for Graphic Designers, PR, and Campus Reps!

Hey guys the Wandering Girl here with an exciting volunteer/internship/just-a-really-cool-thing-to-do opportunity for all you creative types who want to promote charitable causes! Now a (long) while back we debated the use of an unpaid or a paid internship, but here’s the thing: If it’s an opportunity that speaks to you, even if it’s unpaid, I say go for it, and pour your heart and soul and do something that matters — to you!

And from the looks of it, working with OneReasonRecordings is definitely worth it, especially if you’re looking to make a difference and want to do so in a creative venue. Anyway now that I got that ramble out of the way (And I do this because the unpaid-paid thing is still a major debate, don’t want to step on toes here) — on to the actual details of this opportunity to join in!


OneReasonRecordings brings together music and service to realize our vision of a better world. We empower independent artists by using their music to mobilize listeners all across the world to take action in support of organizations fighting for social justice, enriching the lives of everyone involved. We are committed to making a real, sustainable impact on communities in need and harnessing the passion of talented artists to change the world, one song at a time.

 People can enjoy music from all over the world regardless of origin or language. Music has an amazing ability to emotional, mentally and physically change people. So what would happen if you were literally able to change the world with music? What would happen if artists from around the world sent in tracks of their original music to build albums that would support charities around the world?

This is what we set out to do. OneReasonRecordings is a non-profit organization that raises funds for social justice issues around the world through music.

You can read more about their mission here!

Join Our Team

The OneReasonRecordings team is a group of individuals that just want to make a difference. Because we are a small group taking on a big job, we could always use some extra help.  Here we will list any position openings that we have because we could always use an extra hand or two – or three for that matter.

Please keep in mind that we are not able to offer financial compensation at this time and our entire staff is made up of volunteers. However, we guarantee that you will gain plenty of experience and have a hand in changing the world through music.

100% of all proceeds go to running OneReasonRecordings and meeting our yearly campaign goal. If you have a special skill that we’re looking for and feel called to help us, please consider joining our team!

Please send all completed applications to

Currently looking for Graphic Design and Public Relations staff as well as interested high school and college students to act as Campus Representatives

For more information on the application process please visit their website here for all their info!

Now, while I am an NYU alum I only just heard about this organization this morning — but I am confident enough to say that this does look like a very exciting opportunity for all you creatives out there =) So if anything give them a shot and, if this is something you’d love to devote your time to, I say go for it! 

And again here’s all the info you’ll need here.


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