There is no acceptable excuse for silence

Especially on a blog meant to encourage and inspire and provide venting relief and a forum to speak in!

Seriously >:U

I mean we can talk about all the ways my generation–aka the class of 2013–has been duped  by circumstance.

The promises of the 90s aren’t our future, sadly – and it seems like a college degree is weighted like a high school diploma.

But – we still keep trucking!

We’ve still got our drive, our voice, our creativity – we’ve got a lot to talk about, I have a lot to talk about (Haha), and we need a space — somewhere, anywhere, even on a seemingly insignificant scrap of real-estate on the Internet.

… Of course, the two-week-long vacation didn’t help in keeping my writing mojo, as well as the swing back into work, and a few personal family matters.

:’D But for those of you who were wondering — the Wandering Girl isn’t lost.

Just a bit busy with life and not smart enough to queue up posts — WAH

Keep posted guys there’s more to come!

A lot more to come.

And definitely on this blog: NO MORE SILENCE


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