Job Seekers Recruited Via Social Media More Likely to be Hired

Job Seekers Recruited Via Social Media More Likely to be Hired

Hey all! Let’s start off the morning right with a few cool tips from one of our guest bloggers, Sara, who just landed an awesome internship with! As a recent graduate of NYU and one of the best people on (Well technically “off”) campus to ask for life!help and whatnot, she’s had her fair share of job-finding failures and successes 

And now it’s all conveniently compiled in cute infographic form — awesome! Definitely check out the full article for all the neat pictures and info — but here’s basically what you can reap from using social media as your “search” tool: 

  • Social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Jobvite basically ensures faster and more accessible information for both prospective job-seekers, and job-recruiters

  • These sites have also improved on candidate quality and candidate quantity–but if only the best of the best are being referred and searched for, then that makes it easier on the recruiter end 

  • Employees hired from social media recruitment are more likely to stay at their jobs–pretty boss

    So that’s just some food for thought for all you folks out there; definitely if you’re slugging through undergrad or are a recent graduate it will behoove you to make and update a LinkedIn profile, or set up something on Indeed. We’ll go more in-depth on the pros and cons of these sort of social media sites later, but hey, it’s good to know o v o And some food for thought to start your Wednesday! 

    By the way, this is totally now a cool plug-in to link up with me on LinkedIn because, you never know what sort of connections can be made across LinkedIn ;U 


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