Budo Diaries: Wow Keiko

Hello! It’s nearly midnight, you know, the end of September, and you know what that means.

It’s time to wake up Greenday: 

Anyroad, on the kendo forefront here’s a very quick, very brief summary of tonight’s practice! It was a pretty normal run, overall, and I did myself proud by making it to the dojo early this time to properly change and stretch, ehheh.

Also today was pretty keiko heavy, and I got to go a couple of rounds with the intermediate class guys and also Jo-sensei. Which was kind of a mistake, on my part, since I was soundly beaten by Jo-sensei’s marvelous men strikes and counters * A *;; Way too fast–and of course, he knows I’m waiting for kaeshi-dou.

Need to definitely work on a Thing to counter a counter. Or be more aggressive instead of conservative with senseis. Hm hm hmmm.

What I did really well today: Stamina, honestly; Sensei was pretty brutal about having me take the beginner guys on one-after-the-other, definitely for their benefit as much as mine since it also gave me a chance to work on seizing opportunities faster while giving impromptu lessons and tips to the newer guys… I had a few fabulous men and kaeshi-men  today * A * It was brilliant!

What I need to improve on: Speed! Countering counters, countering people who are taller than me, compensating for my height disadvantage–you know, the basics. Of course, taking a bit of a summer break can really slow down tournament-ready senses *COUGH* Although, I don’t need to worry about competing as much as my kohai still at NYU!


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