Budo Diaries: Mooncakes and Home Dojos

A lovely mooncake with red-bean and water-chestnuts for my after kendo treat. Watch out these are like, tiny bombs of calories.


Hello everyone~ This evening we have a lovely full moon and it also happens to be the Mid-Autumn Lunar Festival! So of course, I celebrated with a mooncake; although I dearly miss access to free cakes via my lovely roommates/friends at NYU

Ah well

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Union Square Green Market


So for the last two years the Union Square Green Market has been a fun place for me to visit once in awhile. A bit pricey for a college student budget, unless you’re just here for veggies; buying corn from here was one of my favorite pleasures of moving into the dorms early. Last year I stayed in a dorm that was just on Union Square and it was beyond awesome to be able to slink out and have a market right on my front step.

Due to its proximity and the quality of the produce I could find (As well as some expensive items I wish I could buy regularly, haha) it’s also been one of my favorite places to try out my picture-taking skills. Haha, so while I’m reminiscing about undergrad life, here’s some of my favorite pictures from way back in 2011 of the Green Market; I assure you I have a thousand more. =) But we can wait to post them another day, heh

Pinoy breakfast before final essay breakdown

Pinoy breakfast before final essay breakdown

I’ve got one last paper to write. It’s about Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky” and the issue of interpretation and authorial intent. I can hear him rolling about in his grave as another English major overanalyzes his work for a letter grade, … Continue reading

Matilda the Musical — Review


So if you all can kindly remember, two days ago a very close friend of mine and I went to see Matilda: The Musical that made its way from London all the way to Broadway. And in a terribly, horribly cliche way I only have three things to say about the musical adaptation of one of the venerable Roald Dahl’s beloved books:

It was magical.

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In the wake of that discussion about internships…

… I have successfully secured my own internship over the summer :)

I’m working with a lovely group of people who run a travel magazine and are willing to work around my family’s planned vacation to Hawaii so that is always a plus. It’s a big relief to know that I have something secure at least and that I will still enjoy time in New York, which has pretty much become “home” for the last four years.

I am very honored, and very excited to start up this internship — it’s definitely aligned with my interests and my skills, and I hope to learn more about digital publishing through this experience. (And networking! Hopefully more networking! >A<)

It’s also a lovely day to find out that an internship opportunity worked out, and if you don’t mind this little bit of personal blogging, here’s a snapshot from today’s mid-afternoon snack:

awyisslefoodsThis here is from the Van Leeuwen ice-cream truck and while it may look like a normal cup of vanilla with a celebratory dollop of whipped cream, this is actually a lusciously smooth serving of black sesame ice cream. Unfortunately it wasn’t listed on the site (When I checked, which was two seconds ago), but I did snag this beauty at the Van Leeuwen parked on University place (In between East 12th and 11th, usually). Van Leeuwen is certainly a bit pricier than the usual favorite, Mr. Softee, but when you’re in the mood for a bit of indulgence on the go they hit the spot.

(Of course, there’s like, several amazing ice cream places to nosh at but that’s a debate for another day)

Either way

I’m just

Super giddy, and happy, and again–honored–that I got this position. Notably it seems I have two of my professors to thank who gave rave reviews about me and I just have to thank them — which is a topic for another day. (Thanking your professors, especially those who are near and dear to you as mentors and as friends)

:) Anyroad, today is the last kendo practice of the season (*Sob*) and also the premiere of Iron Man 3 — so we have a bit of a busy evening ahead!

Toodles, for now~