I Open at the Close: Some Tolkien Quotes to Inspire

So… It’s been terribly, horribly quiet around here — but the plus side is I have plenty of exciting adventures and tips to share.

It’s just been a bit of a whirlwind, but oh there will be Things on the horizon.

And a very, very important Thing is that today is the release of The Desolation of Smaug (And it happens to be my birthday, yay!) Another year older, not necessarily wiser, but eager to keep on pushing forward–and of course, very, very excited for Smaug. I’ve only heard good things (And arm-flails) so far, so I simply cannot wait to see it for myself! (Expect a review)

And, with that errata out of the way… Without further preamble, let’s get on with what you’ve all been waiting a rather long time for: Some inspirational quotes to close out the week :3 Home is behind, the road is ahead!





Gryffindor I may be, but I personally prescribe to this week’s Hufflepuff quote–it’s very important Food for Thought!


I Open at the Close: End of the Week Inspiring Quotes VI and VII

Hey guys! It’s been a bit busy for me around here–did you know that I am off to the Dominican Republic for a service trip? Aw yeah free clinics! ^^; More on that in another week or so — and if it’s not my volunteer work, it’s actual work!

Wow adulthood you’re not all that you’re cracked up to be, haha. But do keep on the lookout for some super cool posts that are scheduled to come up next week–including a cool explanation as to why I missed a few updates, haha!

And without further ado – here are some inspiring quotes to finish up the end of the week; bonus points there’s fourteen quotes, because we missed a week! Woo!

And if you need a refresher – check out an older batch of quotes here! (They’re kendo themed)





Happy travels, everyone <3

I Open at the Close: End of the Week Inspiring Quotes V (Kendo themed!)

Hello everyone~ I hope you’re all excited for this kind of cloudy but otherwise nice start to the NYC Comic Con Weekend! o v o I am particularly excited for tomorrow, but more on that in a minute — you’re all here for this week’s round of inspiring quotes!

This week is special, because this weekend is the annual Cornell tournament, and university-aged kendoka are making their way upstate as we speak! o w o It’s very exciting, and was one of my highlights about undergrad–alas, I can only cheer on my team from afar, but, I do wish them the best! がんばって!Give it your all, guys!

And try not to get injured, please thank

So today’s round of quotes take a page from Miyamoto Musashi–like him, hate him, or think his quotes are taken out of context (More on that on another post)–the author of the famous Book of Five Rings, the must-have text for kenjutsu, martial arts, and strategy.  Definitely worth a read-through if you’re currently someone interested in kendo!

PS: If you missed last week’s quotes you can check them out here!

And now with that errata out of the way, let’s get on to the quotes:

slyther101113 claw101113 puff101113 gryff101113

Wednesday Webtoons: Out of Sight

Hello everyone, it’s the Wandering Girl here and we’ve been kind of quiet as of late >A<; What with a rush of work (Ugh) and pressing social gatherings that will be remarked upon in photographic detail quite shortly

Actually, I want to now introduce a new feature of sorts: Wednesday Webtoons! You know, to get you through the better part of Hump Day.

So we’ll be starting off with a personal favorite of mine, with its perfect simplicity and charming detail. The music, the style, the story is brilliant–hence why I do love the animated shorts that come around.

There’s plenty of animated gems that can leave one quite happy :)

I Open at the Close: End of the Week Inspiring Quotes IV

Well today is an unreasonably warm Frey’s day! * A * While I currently have to slog through some matters for my internship, I have not forgotten you lovely readers and your newfound interest in reading a bunch of quotes, haha!

May they help you out a bit as we finish up for the work-week/school week!

Annnd if you missed last week’s quotes, you can check them out here~

Also dudes, here’s another week to serious Hufflepuff quotes haha

100413puff slyther100413 100413 10413

So there’s a NEW ‘Desolation of Smaug’ trailer

Did you know there’s only like, two more months until my birthday?

And like, two more months until The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug releases — on my birthday?

*Insert excited squee*

The Hobbit fandon rose from the ashes to speculate over the latest trailer, and while fans are swooning over Smaug voiced by Benedragon Cumberoar, I cannot help but mourn for my “own” version of Smaug. I’ve read The Hobbit ever since I was a wee sprout, and I am quite stuck in my own old ways–that is to say, stuck in my own happy version of Smaug’s voice, which was, in many parts, informed by the good old Hobbit animated movie.


Ugh. There’s a lot I can say about this particular monologue. It’s one of my favorite villain monologues–complete with all the boasting and posturing you need for a good old fashioned villainous “MWA HA HA HA” moment.

:) Can’t wait to see how it plays out in theaters!

I Open at the Close: End of the Week Inspiring Quotes III

What a fabulous Friday! Or a frabjulous Friday? (CALLOO CALLAY~)

Anyroad, you all know the drill, it’s the end of the week, my dogs are tired, and I just want to go home and eat pasta and watch Iron Man 3! But alas, we cannot have it all, so buck up everyone and enjoy these tasty tidbits of wisdom to end your week right! By the way, if you missed last week’s inspiring quotes, you can check them out here and gaze ardently upon my lovingly designed (*COUGH* QUICKLY DESIGNED *COUGH*) inspiring words from a week ago!

92713gryff 92713claw 92713slyther 92713puff


I Open at the Close: End of the Week Inspiring Quotes II

Morning everyone — here’s this week’s end-of-the-week inspiring quotes to get you through the last day at work/your Friday morning recitation (BOO!)/etc. etc.

Hopefully these brighten up your day and serve as a source of some inspiration/house pride !

Lovingly (*Cough* quickly *COUGH*) made by yours truly <3 Also, Henry David Thoreau man get’s a lot of misattributions — I can confidently say this Thoreau quote was penned down by him. Slytherins be praised.

And if you’re looking for more quotes, check out last week’s post!

gryffindor quote slytherinquote hufflepuffquote ravenclawquote

I Open at the Close: End of the week inspiring quotes

Hello — the Wandering Girl here just trying something new =) We started the week on a good note with an awesome quote about courage… so why not end the week with some quotes that should inspire members of all four Hogwarts houses?

Lovingly (*Cough* quickly *cough*) made by yours truly; it’s been an interesting week for sure, and I hope that you’re all ready to hit up that weekend!



New Harry Potter Movie: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

New Harry Potter-universe movie and more fantastic beasts? Yes, yes, yes

New Harry Potter-universe movie and more fantastic beasts? Yes, yes, yes

Okay so I’m pretty sure ya’ll heard about this hot piece of news, so I am going to keep up with the hype-bus and continue flailing about all the new info on the upcoming movie based on Harry Potterverse spinoff short: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

I mean, if you don’t believe me, here’s a sort-of social media press release straight from JK Rowling:

And there you have it! Cue the excitement, cue the arm flailing! Especially because we’re taking several steps away from Harry Potter and looking into other parts of the Potterverse, which is arguably one of the smartest moves in continuing with the franchise.  I mean, Potterfans have fallen in love with not just the characters, but the universe itself and I think giving fans a tantalizing glimpse into the rest of her magical world is genius.

Especially since we seem to be pulling a roaring 20s here and will be following Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them author, Newt Scamander,  who is based in New York City. Oh man this is beyond cool — seriously. There’s a lot of wild assumptions and predictions we can make with a setting like this and with the timing but, well, we’ll leave it all to JK and of course, our wild imaginations to tide us over.

=) As a big Potter fan myself I can do little to articulate my excitement besides arm flail and well, remind readers that with a New York setting there might be an American casting–we’ll just have to wait and see!

It’s good to know that there’s more to see from JK Rowling and well, I’ll hold off on getting out the good old Gryffindor scarf until we have more details!