The daily intern tip: Love your body down to your toes

Your smiling faces do not explain what business casual is -- there is naught but despair

Your smiling faces do not explain what business casual is — there is naught but despair

Okay so “business casual” is a Thing at offices around the globe ( I think ) and with the word “business” comes the assumption that we–guys and gals–have to go out to the nines to look “presentable” at work.  Like, with the amount of articles listing exactly what business casual does and doesn’t entail, it’s no wonder some people think it’s safer to “overdress” than “underdress” — which is all well and good but…

Here is a little post to remind all ya’ll that… You really don’t need to kill yourself, especially if you’re commuting around a walking city like New York! I mean, I salute all the lovely people who can strut down 7th avenue in high heels to their office-of-choice, but if that doesn’t seem like a good time to you then you don’t have to kill yourself walking in heels.

Okay, so, you can wear high heels - and I love them at times myself - but please remember, this is what you put yourself through if you do a mile-long hike in them

Okay, so, you can wear high heels – and I love them at times myself – but please remember, this is what you put yourself through if you do a mile-long hike in them

Rather, take a bag with you to hold onto them in and chuck on some sneakers! Like no seriously, a lot of people do that, it might not “match” but comfort is key here.

Then slip on your heels/dress shoes/whatever when you get to the office =) No one has to know you switch shoes, and there’s really nothing wrong with it; no tickets from the fashion police here.

This is noteworthy for even foot-forgiving things, like a new pair of flats. Let me tell you – breaking in flats by traveling from the Heights down to the Village isn’t terribly forgiving. There are plenty of life-hacks to stretch out a new pair of flats, but if you must wear them and don’t have the time to break them in, but definitely room in your bag? Toss ’em in and walk around in a comfortable pair.

Your feet will thank you for it, honest.


From the shores of Honolulu

Hey all, the Wandering Girl here — and for those of you who haven’t been paying attention I’m on an extended two-week long trip to Hawaii. Hence all the lovely guest posts. And the lack of posts. *Cough*

I will say that the trip to Hawaii has certainly been a boon to my wanderlust my travel itch, with many activities and sights, and sounds, and what-not that are just amazing to experience. One of the first things I hope to share with you is just this ocean-front view of the infamous Waikiki Beach that has been my home for a few nights — and due to a case of jet-lag and just my joy to be here, I’ve been spending many a relaxing early morning and evening just sitting out here and enjoying the view.

I’ve also got a copy of Lady Chatterly’s Lover tucked at my side (oooh) to satisfy the bookworm — but I daresay that Chatterly’s poetics about sex and love affairs really can’t compare to the power of the ocean.

I’m planning on sharing a few of my adventures here in Hawaii but for now enjoy the view =)

 DSC02147 DSC02148 DSC02153 DSC02157

Union Square Green Market


So for the last two years the Union Square Green Market has been a fun place for me to visit once in awhile. A bit pricey for a college student budget, unless you’re just here for veggies; buying corn from here was one of my favorite pleasures of moving into the dorms early. Last year I stayed in a dorm that was just on Union Square and it was beyond awesome to be able to slink out and have a market right on my front step.

Due to its proximity and the quality of the produce I could find (As well as some expensive items I wish I could buy regularly, haha) it’s also been one of my favorite places to try out my picture-taking skills. Haha, so while I’m reminiscing about undergrad life, here’s some of my favorite pictures from way back in 2011 of the Green Market; I assure you I have a thousand more. =) But we can wait to post them another day, heh

Budo Diaries: GSK Tournament 2013

Well guys it’s been awhile since the last Budo Diaries entry. Yikes. Also for those of you who just now noticed, Budo Diaries has its own category now so you can all wander on over there to find them all neat and collected and such.

You know you're at a kendo tournament when there's a large pile of shoes at the door

You know you’re at a kendo tournament when there’s a large pile of shoes at the door

Anyroad. Two weeks ago on May 4th a few members of the NYU kendo club and I went to the Garden State Kendo Tournament held in Palisades Park, NJ. Unfortunately after two weeks and several essays the details are a little bit fuzzy but I’ll do my best to add a short summary of what was, no question, a rather good day for NYU kendo.

And I’m quite glad that this was my last showing with the team (For now, at least).

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Ever want to know what it’s like inside the men?

(Okay so the title might seem weird but it’s very pertinent to kendo.)

Hey all it’s been nearly a week without a post about kendo — unheard of! So here is our weekly run about all things kendo, this time I have naught but two fun videos to show you that was shared today on the World Kendo Network. (PS. You should probably join for more cool videos and links to things ;) )

Anyroad, these are two first person POV videos shot by one of the WKN members during two practices using a GoPro cam. I wonder where he put it to allow for men strikes and so that the men grill doesn’t show?

Either way these are pretty cool videos so that people can get a glance at what it’s like “inside” so to speak. Also ugh, I just love the sounds and the power coming from everyone’s fumikomi. * A * Makes me miss practice so much aadsoads (Just two more weeks before daily practice at the homo dojo!)

He also has a video of where he spars with a kendoka in nito-ryu, which is also pretty cool to watch! Always remember to shift your kamae!

Budo Diaries: We laugh, we cry, we move on


From yesterday’s final practice, men-suburi

These are the memories that count.

When you move in sync with your team through the warm-up. The rush when you land a solid strike. And the silly moments before and after practice, when you’re just surrounded by your team and you can’t help but smile and laugh together at everything and absolutely nothing at all.

Those are the memories that I am going to carry with me long after my four years with this team, and that help buffer the sobering thought that I’m graduating — because this isn’t the end for my love for kendo and it’s certainly not the end for NYU’s kendo team, not at all.

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Budo Diaries: In which I remember I’m graduating

Ah, I can now look fondly back on some simpler times; and a rather cruddy example of a do woops. But I do remember it fondly.

Ah, I can now look fondly back on some simpler times; and a rather cruddy example of a do, woops. But I do remember it fondly.

Hello and welcome to another exciting Budo Diaries entry! Unfortunately today’s practice was a bit of a sobering, and rather painful, moment for me. For one thing I had to keiko with Sensei tonight (Ugh! We went from CPU Level 5 to CPU Level 50), and it was also hot as hell in the dojo.

But the heat I can deal with, and getting wiped across the dojo floor by my Sensei is a bit of the norm.

Nah, what really got me was the fact that this is my second to last practice and I am graduating and it just caught up with me.

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Changing Seasons (A mini on-campus project for emotional health)


As you all must know by now I am a soon-to-be-graduating student of New York University, NYU, Now You’re Unemployed, etc. etc.  Our campus is the sprawling city of New York (And anywhere else Mr. Sexton decides to colonize — we’re all still gunning for NYU: Moon Base) and as such it seems fitting that our campus “quad” is none other than Washington Square Park. Once a strange sort of square for carriages, horses, and people to walk through, it’s become a sprawling park with its iconic arch and the fountain that was moved a few centimeters to the side for optimal picture taking when the tour buses rush past.

Honestly, it’s a nice enough place–the perfect spot for some quiet contemplating, or to catch plenty of vitamin D, or to even do some people watching/gesture drawing — there’s a lot of folks of different shapes, sizes, and fashion rushing about to keep an artist happy. Plus there’s Shakespeare in the Park on most weekends, and if you’re lucky you might even spy the pair of NYU hawks as they divebomb pigeons and squirrels.

It’s also a rather nice spot to watch the seasons fly by:





threeseasons5 threeseasons8 threeseasons3 threeseasons4 threeseasons2 threeseasons6 threeseasons1




Take a walk with friends

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 1

Hey! So if you don’t remember, this blog is meant to be a sort-of advice-editorial-space for post-grads ready to step into the uncertain job market, so of course, there has to be some sort of advice-type-or-suggestion-type-or-other-unnecessarily-hyphened-type of blog posts right? (No it’s okay, I do love the geekery too)

So here is one of many pearls of wisdom (Or maybe a “no duh”) that you, dear readers, should consider. Especially if you’re a senior undergraduate and you only have two more weeks left to enjoy yourself and your time with your underclassmen friends who you must leave behind. (I know, it’s quite sad)

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 2

Therefore, especially during this lovely spring weather we’re enjoying on the east coast, I suggest that you and your choice of friends go out for a walk.  Not only is it relaxing, and rather healthy, but walking and talking gets ideas bouncing, and makes for the perfect photo ops. Basically, walking can lead to memory making, and right now with the “future” becoming the “present” and the end of my undergraduate career careening towards me, I’d like to make as memories as I can.

No seriously – a walk is a good thing, especially a walk through some nice background scenery such as the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It’s even better if you can hit it up during the Sakura Matsuri — which has become the “annual tradition” for my group of friends.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 4

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is very convenient to reach–especially for New York residents or tourists willing to try out the subway.  Just take the Q line all the way down to Prospect Park, head out of the station and either walk straight through the park to get to the Gardens (The long route), or make a right turn and follow the street towards a Wendy’s and to the “back entrance” of the Garden that you’ll see on your left. Unfortunately there’s admission into the garden: Adults are $10 bucks a pop, but students and seniors with a valid ID get in for $5, and children under 11 are $free.

Overall, it’s a great place for a moment to relax and enjoy what little warmth we’ve been treated to as of late. And it is the perfect photo opportunity with locals and visitors alike crowding around some of the Garden’s amazing flora to fawn over. But don’t worry too much about crowds; it can get hectic along the main paths but there’s always ways to get away from other people and enjoy a quiet stroll through the flower beds.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 3

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 5

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 6

Again – there are many benefits to walking, and there are many ways you can walk — with a set destination in mind, around a determined route in a park or garden, or you can even make up your own walking trip. Or you can walk together to the nearest deli or grocery and come back to hang around and play Brawl — just get up and go and spend time with your friends!

Not because you’ll never see them again, but because nice memories are always a plus — and being outside makes it all the better ;) (Seriously, finals week is coming, enjoy that sun and get some vitamin D)

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 7

Budo Diaries: A Brief Intro

Oh hey is that me getting an ippon a few years back? Why yes it is

Oh hey is that me getting an ippon a few years back?         Why yes it is

Little known fact: I’m a kendoka, a person who practices kendo, the “way of the sword”. I’ve been doing this for about four years (Maybe even longer if you count my short-lived stint with iaido although they are completely different) and I’ve loved every minute of it. Kendo was literally a childhood dream of mine, influenced perhaps by a long history of cousins who were martial arts enthusiasts and a childhood devoted to absorbing all things anime. So when I walked into my university’s club fair as a wee freshman and saw kendoka milling about I jumped at the chance to try it, and never regretted it.

(More gushing and feelings and kendo rambling after the cut!)

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