Just an idea…

So I’m taking an illustration class right now

I think

I think

I have a viable idea — a series of fantasy wedding dresses complete with equips, spells, hordes of enemies



Grad Student Rap

For those of you pursuing higher academics… :)

Word of advice: Think about it a bit. Check out my friend’s story; she waited a year before taking the big leap.

And if you’re in grad school already, this may bring a few laughs, haha.

I Open at the Close: End of the Week Inspiring Quotes II

Morning everyone — here’s this week’s end-of-the-week inspiring quotes to get you through the last day at work/your Friday morning recitation (BOO!)/etc. etc.

Hopefully these brighten up your day and serve as a source of some inspiration/house pride !

Lovingly (*Cough* quickly *COUGH*) made by yours truly <3 Also, Henry David Thoreau man get’s a lot of misattributions — I can confidently say this Thoreau quote was penned down by him. Slytherins be praised.

And if you’re looking for more quotes, check out last week’s post!

gryffindor quote slytherinquote hufflepuffquote ravenclawquote

Budo Diaries: Mooncakes and Home Dojos

A lovely mooncake with red-bean and water-chestnuts for my after kendo treat. Watch out these are like, tiny bombs of calories.


Hello everyone~ This evening we have a lovely full moon and it also happens to be the Mid-Autumn Lunar Festival! So of course, I celebrated with a mooncake; although I dearly miss access to free cakes via my lovely roommates/friends at NYU

Ah well

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I Open at the Close: End of the week inspiring quotes

Hello — the Wandering Girl here just trying something new =) We started the week on a good note with an awesome quote about courage… so why not end the week with some quotes that should inspire members of all four Hogwarts houses?

Lovingly (*Cough* quickly *cough*) made by yours truly; it’s been an interesting week for sure, and I hope that you’re all ready to hit up that weekend!



New Harry Potter Movie: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

New Harry Potter-universe movie and more fantastic beasts? Yes, yes, yes

New Harry Potter-universe movie and more fantastic beasts? Yes, yes, yes

Okay so I’m pretty sure ya’ll heard about this hot piece of news, so I am going to keep up with the hype-bus and continue flailing about all the new info on the upcoming movie based on Harry Potterverse spinoff short: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

I mean, if you don’t believe me, here’s a sort-of social media press release straight from JK Rowling:

And there you have it! Cue the excitement, cue the arm flailing! Especially because we’re taking several steps away from Harry Potter and looking into other parts of the Potterverse, which is arguably one of the smartest moves in continuing with the franchise.  I mean, Potterfans have fallen in love with not just the characters, but the universe itself and I think giving fans a tantalizing glimpse into the rest of her magical world is genius.

Especially since we seem to be pulling a roaring 20s here and will be following Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them author, Newt Scamander,  who is based in New York City. Oh man this is beyond cool — seriously. There’s a lot of wild assumptions and predictions we can make with a setting like this and with the timing but, well, we’ll leave it all to JK and of course, our wild imaginations to tide us over.

=) As a big Potter fan myself I can do little to articulate my excitement besides arm flail and well, remind readers that with a New York setting there might be an American casting–we’ll just have to wait and see!

It’s good to know that there’s more to see from JK Rowling and well, I’ll hold off on getting out the good old Gryffindor scarf until we have more details!

Job Seekers Recruited Via Social Media More Likely to be Hired

Job Seekers Recruited Via Social Media More Likely to be Hired

Hey all! Let’s start off the morning right with a few cool tips from one of our guest bloggers, Sara, who just landed an awesome internship with Mashable.com! As a recent graduate of NYU and one of the best people on (Well technically “off”) campus to ask for life!help and whatnot, she’s had her fair share of job-finding failures and successes 

And now it’s all conveniently compiled in cute infographic form — awesome! Definitely check out the full article for all the neat pictures and info — but here’s basically what you can reap from using social media as your “search” tool: 

  • Social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Jobvite basically ensures faster and more accessible information for both prospective job-seekers, and job-recruiters

  • These sites have also improved on candidate quality and candidate quantity–but if only the best of the best are being referred and searched for, then that makes it easier on the recruiter end 

  • Employees hired from social media recruitment are more likely to stay at their jobs–pretty boss

    So that’s just some food for thought for all you folks out there; definitely if you’re slugging through undergrad or are a recent graduate it will behoove you to make and update a LinkedIn profile, or set up something on Indeed. We’ll go more in-depth on the pros and cons of these sort of social media sites later, but hey, it’s good to know o v o And some food for thought to start your Wednesday! 

    By the way, this is totally now a cool plug-in to link up with me on LinkedIn because, you never know what sort of connections can be made across LinkedIn ;U 

The daily intern tip: Love your body down to your toes

Your smiling faces do not explain what business casual is -- there is naught but despair

Your smiling faces do not explain what business casual is — there is naught but despair

Okay so “business casual” is a Thing at offices around the globe ( I think ) and with the word “business” comes the assumption that we–guys and gals–have to go out to the nines to look “presentable” at work.  Like, with the amount of articles listing exactly what business casual does and doesn’t entail, it’s no wonder some people think it’s safer to “overdress” than “underdress” — which is all well and good but…

Here is a little post to remind all ya’ll that… You really don’t need to kill yourself, especially if you’re commuting around a walking city like New York! I mean, I salute all the lovely people who can strut down 7th avenue in high heels to their office-of-choice, but if that doesn’t seem like a good time to you then you don’t have to kill yourself walking in heels.

Okay, so, you can wear high heels - and I love them at times myself - but please remember, this is what you put yourself through if you do a mile-long hike in them

Okay, so, you can wear high heels – and I love them at times myself – but please remember, this is what you put yourself through if you do a mile-long hike in them

Rather, take a bag with you to hold onto them in and chuck on some sneakers! Like no seriously, a lot of people do that, it might not “match” but comfort is key here.

Then slip on your heels/dress shoes/whatever when you get to the office =) No one has to know you switch shoes, and there’s really nothing wrong with it; no tickets from the fashion police here.

This is noteworthy for even foot-forgiving things, like a new pair of flats. Let me tell you – breaking in flats by traveling from the Heights down to the Village isn’t terribly forgiving. There are plenty of life-hacks to stretch out a new pair of flats, but if you must wear them and don’t have the time to break them in, but definitely room in your bag? Toss ’em in and walk around in a comfortable pair.

Your feet will thank you for it, honest.