It’s a dream come true when you land your first illustration gig

:) Hey it’s been a little quiet as of late, but that’s because there are many exciting things that have kept me away and on many travels… one of which is my new break out career into the world of children’s book illustration.

And I just landed a job! Will chat more later~


A little bit more about this wandering girl. . .



So I feel like I don’t adequately describe who I am in my About section, so it’s time for a little more vague-blogging for you all to get a better picture of who’s running this ship.

BONUS: This post comes with explanatory photography!

First of all hi, my username is the Wandering Girl but I believe you can pretty much see my real name instead of my handle. So if you don’t like referring to me as that Wandering Girl, I’ll also accept Angie — if that makes this blog feel like it’s run by a human :)


I am a young Filipino American with a little more American in me  — although I do visit the homeland often and can understand Tagalog I daresay my own mastery of the language is beyond atrocious. And at times I don’t feel like I know enough about my own culture–well, except for the anxieties and strains of being an American Filipino–but ask me about history and food and we’re good to go.



Although I don’t feel wholly disconnected from my background and my relatives who humor me whenever we visit; I sincerely hope to remedy my own understanding of what it means to be pinoy and well, we’ll see what happens from there.




On the flipside you all should know by now that I am a soon-to-be-graduating student at New York University. I was an LSP transfer into CAS, member of the Dean’s Honor Circle society thing for a year, president of an unwanted club, and also kendoka.  There’s a lot I can gush about and criticize about NYU — but that’s a post for another day — especially since being part of the kendo team pretty much cinched at least some modicum of school spirit for me.





I believe I said it awhile back but: kendo changed my life.


And I honestly don’t think I would have survived the vastness that is NYU without my team to support me, ground me, and remind me to laugh at myself at times. You really can’t take yourself too seriously at a money-grubbing school that would like to fancy itself as a part of the Ivy League. (Haha yeah right)

Besides that, to practice kendo has always been a bit of a lifetime dream from the minute I learned what it was thanks to some good ol’ 90s anime I’ve wanted to try it out. And it suits me fine to know that after four years of hard-work, blisters, swearing, and going toe-to-toe with guys who are bigger and stronger than me–knowing that I can hold my own, that I have improved, is nothing to shake a shinai at. (Haha)


So basically, within the last four years, I’ve fulfilled one childhood dream. I can drink to that.


‘Course I did more than sports while I was here in the city. I tutored for the GO Project, which is something I highly recommend if you’re up for giving back to the community. I also was a short-lived research assistant for the archaeology department, which meant that I spent once a week making itty bitty beads with stone tools I knapped  for a graduate student’s collection. It was pretty sweet.


Of course that made me believe I wanted to go into archaeology after graduation, and that lead to several internships/fellowships devoted to museum work and restoration. Best one was with the San Gemini Research Project, which pretty much doubled as my “study abroad” where I was flung off to Italy to sit in a dungeon and fix ewers.


Best thing ever. You don’t even understand.

IMG_8559 I grew very attached to this ewer I reattached, you know. We had a special bond.


IMG_8849 It also doesn’t hurt that the view was rather exceptional. Living in Italy was another dream down, so it was well-worth it, guys.







And then when I got back I started blogging for a little site known as; and if you think I’m rather geeky now, wait until you see what myself and other students and alumni from NYU have cooked up. It’s well worth a look if you’re interested in comics and commentary, anime, video games, and well, whatever else may strike your geeky fantasies.


Annnd it’s at this point that I realize you all still hardly know anything about me. Well I suppose I can say this much: I’ve got a case of wanderlust and an artist’s eye. I’d like to fancy myself a painter, although I’m better with digital mediums (Correl Painter all the way man), and I suppose I’m good at taking pictures of inanimate objects: interesting scenery, buildings, and flowers especially. I suppose I’m funny; my friends seem to enjoy my presence because I’m bubbly and tiny and when I’m excited or passionate over something I gesture fiercely with some hand motions that were totally picked up by other friends from long past. I’m caring and often take the mature, motherly role in any group — I’m known as a big sister, a “mom” away from mom, and I do wear that title with some pride.

I’m loyal at heart and have a love affair with food–good food mind you. I’ve also got a thing for animation, pop culture, Internet subculture, comics, video games, and novels — all wonderful modes of escape and representations of the creative spirit. But that’s perfect for me since that’s what I devoted my academic field of study to, and if commentary and over-analyzation is  the way that I’m going to keep my skills alive, I’d like to keep up with it.

So did that explain a bit more about me? I hope it did.