Wednesday Webtoons: Out of Sight

Hello everyone, it’s the Wandering Girl here and we’ve been kind of quiet as of late >A<; What with a rush of work (Ugh) and pressing social gatherings that will be remarked upon in photographic detail quite shortly

Actually, I want to now introduce a new feature of sorts: Wednesday Webtoons! You know, to get you through the better part of Hump Day.

So we’ll be starting off with a personal favorite of mine, with its perfect simplicity and charming detail. The music, the style, the story is brilliant–hence why I do love the animated shorts that come around.

There’s plenty of animated gems that can leave one quite happy :)


How to Train Your Dragon 2: Trailer Finally Released!

How to Train Your Dragon 2: Trailer Finally Released!

Hold onto your helms guys, Dreamworks JUST released a teaser trailer for How to Train Your Dragon 2 and it’s brought back the magic and whimsy of the first one! (AT LEAST, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION ANYWAY)

There’s so much I want to say about this trailer — from the way they reused key movements, to the introduction of new whale-like sea dragons, to the feeling of flying, and the change to Hiccup’s design and oh my goodness do you see that armor and that new “dragon wing membrane”? I think we’re used to the “ride on the back of beloved animal companion” trope, but what I love about Hiccup and Toothless here is how they can now move side by side — equals who love the gift of flight that Hiccup gave back to Toothless and that Toothless in turn inspired Hiccup to pursue himself.

Also it looks like Hiccup fixed the dragon-tail sail-rig — Toothless can steer himself and doesn’t need Hiccup; I find returning his flying independence to just be the sweetest thing and I can’t

I’m just going to sit down here now and flail at these feelings – so here enjoy some Toothless and older!Hiccup

Hiccup’s new digs! Armored digs!

Hiccup’s new wing suit– I can’t


Now in GIF form! Look at the different hair texture for Hiccup here — and more armor details! Also does he have teeny tiny viking braids? That’s adorable

Is that Hiccup and Toothless flying together independently yes yes yes


In closing — I’m really excited :D





Reversal of the Heart

Hey guys, the Wandering Girl is still buried underneath an ever-growing pile of work — so here to brighten up your day is a beautiful, fanciful animation. This here is the stunning senior thesis of one Carolyn Chrisman of FiddleGriff Films which tells the exciting tale of a cursed princess and a fledging mage. Much longer than last week’s animated hit, Omelette, Reversal of the Heart is silent story-telling at its finest with a fitting ending.
=) Definitely a great way to take a break from modernist critique haha

Omelette by Madeline Sharafian

I just saw this and I had to share — with the end of the semester means a new onslaught of student-made animated films, and Madeline Sharafian’s short, Omelette, does not fail to disappoint. Especially if you’re the kind of foodie who loves cooking for people, I think you’ll find something very close to the heart here.
Because seriously, there’s nothing quite like cooking for a loved one who desperately needs a little TLC. If you like Sharafian’s style, she’s also the mind behind The Mew-sician which you can find on her vimeo channel here!

But I’m a Nice Guy

Tired of Nice Guy-ism? You know what I mean, that kind of guy who uses friendship as an overture towards a romantic/sexual relationship and whines when it doesn’t work out.
Yeah if you’re tired of that kind of rhetoric, here’s a neat-o animation by Scott Benson that in less than 40 seconds pokes holes into every Nice Guy argument out there.

EDIT: It seems that Scott Benson switched the video to private, which I respect, but the message that he wanted to convey remains the same underneath the cut!

JK It’s back! :)

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