About the blog

This space is run by  the Wandering Girl, a recent graduate from NYU who is trying to eke out a living in the “real world” after four years of collegiate fantasy. Struck by wanderlust and an uncertain future, this blog is a space for the musings drawn up by myself and other recent graduates (As well as a few guest undergrads) who still wonder about what happens now.

Of course, I’m not here to take myself too seriously — what ramblings I have on post-undergraduate life will be interspersed with posts on geekery, books, food, culture, and whatever else may strike my fancy. After all, I got to put that cultural anthropology-and-English degree to good use for something or other.

Honestly, I only really wish for this blog to serve as some solace for myself and other 2013-ers (And beyond) who are currently at a loss for what to do; maybe we’ll figure out what happens “next” together, and wouldn’t that be quite grand?

PS. There’s a more image-friendly informative missive about myself, which you can find here.

Psst, do you like my writing? Why not check out my fandom-devoted blog at MoarPowah.com?

My commentary on animated films, comics, video games, etc. can be found here!


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